Simplicity from Complexity

Are you driving an upward spiral of productivity?

Or a downward spiral of inefficiency?

Simplicity from Complexity

Is your business experiencing the Contagion of Complexity?
Cut through complexity, find the point of optimum efficiency and increase capacity and productivity.

Providing access to specialist expertise and the economies of specialisation.
Proven models and methodologies that unlock capacity and increase productivity.
Linking leadership and competency to create efficiency, enable innovation and create real value.

The Talent Paradigm

Our aim is to maximise productivity. Access to the right expertise at the right time minimises the cost of value production.

The quality of our associates is paramount. We see talent as people with real expertise and experience. But they don’t seek to repeat the experience or blindly apply a technique, they seek to apply the lessons they have learnt.

We have a number of proven methodologies that we have used in our career to date to great effect. It is these methodologies that give us a degree of credibility beyond our own reputations.


  • Howard Thomas Howard Thomas


  • Howard Priestley Howard Priestley

    Business Growth & Opportunity Realisation

  • Iain Murray Iain Murray

    Operational Excellence, Process Safety & Energy Efficiency

  • John Krska John Krska

    Process Specialist

  • Tina Lee Tina Lee

    Human Resources Adviser

  • Monica Perez Monica Perez

    Organisational Performance

  • Patricia Fuster Patricia Fuster

    QHSE Management Systems

  • Ernst Krauss Ernst Krauss

    Asset Management, Reliability &  Maintenance

  • Kirsty Danby Kirsty Danby

    Corporate Affairs

  • Lynda Rovis-Hermann Lynda Rovis-Hermann

    Strategic Communications

  • Bruce Brodie Bruce Brodie

    Business Leadership and Team Performance

  • Andrew Woodhams Andrew Woodhams

    Leadership, Relationship Building & Strategy

  • Francis Norman Francis Norman

    Virtual Team Dynamics

  • Rick Reynolds Rick Reynolds

    People and Competency

  • Greg Bayne Greg Bayne

    Sustainable Performance Culture 

  • Dr Patrick Morgan Dr Patrick Morgan

    Decision Analytics

  • Richard Caillard Richard Caillard

    Program Management

  • James Teakle James Teakle

    Multimedia Safety Solutions

  • Jake Cole Jake Cole

    Workplace Health & Safety Governance & Compliance

  • Lynnell Beeck West Lynnell Beeck West

    Health, Safety, Risk Management

  • Andrew Stuart Andrew Stuart

    Project Implementation

  • Geoff Strachan Geoff Strachan

    Geomodelling & Subsurface

  • Helen Astill Helen Astill

    Environmental Science & Management

  • Grant O’Keefe Grant O’Keefe

    Competency Training & Development

  • Trish Hawkey Trish Hawkey

    Competency Training & Development

  • Craig Bihari Craig Bihari

    High-performance &
    cultural alignment 

  • Rod Taylor Rod Taylor

    Business Improvement

  • Gary Nicol Gary Nicol

    Geophysics Seismic & Site Investigation Specialist

  • Andrew Deering Andrew Deering

    Capability Development

  • Neville McLucas Neville McLucas

    Business Improvement Operational & Contract

  • Daniel Macey Daniel Macey

    Asset Reliability & RAM Specialist

  • Hugh Stevens Hugh Stevens

    Financial Control

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Simplicity from Complexity is a professional network applying the sharing economy to industry. We focus on reducing the complexity of industry and promoting high performance and business excellence.

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